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-Ronald Reagan

Davis School Board, District 6

“Beyond a doubt, Kristen Hogan is a highly qualified candidate for the position of Davis District School Board member. As a parent, a dependable volunteer, PTA member, current PTA president, and writer, Kristen exemplifies integrity, fairness, and thoughtfulness. She is dependable and has a vision of doing what is best for children. I strongly believe Kristen Hogan would be an excellent member of the Davis School Board.”

-Jodi Andre, Teacher & ELA Coordinator- Davis School District

Values I believe in:

Parental Rights: First and foremost, I come from the perspective of a parent who desires input in my children’s education. Parents are the most important voices in the educational debates of our time. Schools provide knowledge but parents mold character.

Supporting Teachers: I value and respect good teachers. They need support and resources and we should be making their job easier, not harder. Expectations should be realistic, fair, and compassionate.

Proven Educational Models: I’m a believer in traditional educational models that have proven successful over time. These include in-person learning, teacher instruction, and a limit of screen time, especially for elementary age children.

Responsible Budgeting: I believe we can better utilize our precious educational funds. Less $$ should be allocated to overhead costs and wasteful programs and more sent directly to the classroom where it will make the biggest impact.

Education before “Fill-in-the-Blank”: There will always be societal and economical causes that will vie for our attention. However, the purpose of our educational system is to teach information to students free of agendas. The core classes should be emphasized and academic achievement celebrated.

Supporter of Fine Arts and Extracurricular Activities: I support and value the fine arts, extracurricular activities, and sports. I understand the value and enjoyment of these programs. We are the parents of both an instrumental sterling scholar and a region cross country champion. These experiences have been invaluable for our kids.

I have known Kristen Hogan for 5 years. Kristen is a consistent and reliable advocate for the students, teachers, and community at Syracuse High School. She has successfully served as the PTSA president and in other volunteer positions that require many volunteer hours. Kristen is cheerful, friendly, and communicates well. She has always been willing to go the extra mile to make our school community a better place. I have appreciated her genuine and reliable support.   

Jed Johansen, Syracuse High Principal

About Kristen:

  • 18 year resident of Syracuse
  • Married to the stoic Wade Hogan
  • Mom to 4 children (2 graduates of Davis Schools and 2 currently enrolled in Davis Schools)
  • 2 x PTSA President of Syracuse High School
  • Cook Elementary community council member
  • BA from BYU
  • Weekly Volunteer @ Davis Schools for last 15 years

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